Independent Content Exchange

Content Pavilion Festival

Content Submission Form

Please submit this form with your content. The "ship to" address is included on this form.

Content Awards & Session Giveaway Ticket

Over $5,000 in software will be given away during the course of the two days. One of the ways to win will be to stop by the Content Pavilion and pick up a ticket that will look something like the ticket on the right.

Additionally, the person whose content submission receives the most votes will win a copy of Sony's Vegas Video editing software.

Guest Registration Forms

Click here for a complementary registration form for the exhibit floor and the Content Pavilion Awards & Sessions.

Sample Press Release, Trophy, Web Logo & Video Highlights

The following is an example of a press release that will be issued promoting the winners of Content Pavilion awards. Additionally, winners will be provided with a trophy for display in their office, an official Content Pavilion Awards logo for their web site and a video highlight reel that they may use for promotional purposes.



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